5 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes to avoid

So you’ve finally mustered enough courage, and decided to take the red pill to dive head first into social media marketing, all in an attempt to better your small business lead generation effort. We’ve recently been approached by businesses wanting to do exactly that; jump on the bandwagon just because everyone else is.

As much as we hate to resist such new business, we try to avoid such approach to social media projects. Business owners lacking enough patience to consider some of the following points, end up wasting their money, time and most importantly sabotage their brand equity that was once focused and enjoyed a certain shine.

Thus, we always endeavour to only engage in these projects if the business owner has a satisfying understating of some of the most common mistakes, and posses enough stamina to avoid these social media mistakes.

I’m writing this article hoping that you’d become the second mouse that gets the cheese by avoiding the following social media mistakes:

  1. Picking a fight
    We all love a good punch out on social media. Brands sometimes can’t take bad reviews and handle them unprofessionally. Just resist the urge to entertain a ranting disgruntled customer; maybe they’re just having a bad day. Instead, offer to help, be empathetic and if that doesn’t work, move on and focus on the other 1000 good reviews you’ve got, because your positive attitude will eventually dilute and silence that crazy troll
  2. Underestimating the work involved
    It’s time consuming, especially if you don’t have an editorial calendar in place for your social media content marketing. It takes me sometime to get it sorted and write these articles and am in the business with full-fledged editorial calendar in place for my business. Great social media takes a lot of work. After all, there’s a reason why marketing agencies like ours offer social media marketing services, right?Social media marketing is a speed boat not a car, the moment you take your hands off the throttle, it will come to a screeching halt and fast. You’ll need stamina.
  3. Wanting to be on every social platform
    You don’t need them all. A lot of small business owners think they should be active and visible on every social media site. However, it makes more sense to focus on one or two and leverage them well. Pick wisely depending on your target market. Please do your homework.
  4. Not knowing what to measure or how
    20,000 likes on your social platforms sounds like a wet dream I know. But it will quickly turn into a hideous nightmare if none of them is actually converting to leads. Make sure you have an integrated marketing tool in place to track leads. Maybe have a CRM in place. No this doesn’t have to be expensive, asks us how.
  5. Too many mentions about your brand
    It’s not just about you if you haven’t noticed yet. Focus on offering value, benefit and advice to your customers. Keep your sales pitch and brand mention on a short leash. 1% of the time should do it.
    You need to be careful that you’re not letting your affinity for your brand influence your content quality and value. As a marketing consultant, this is one of the top problems I encounter with the brands I advise.

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