5 Marketing Tips for Pubs to Drive More Business This Summer

So you’re a proud owner of a trendy bar, cafe or a restaurant. You’ve got amazing passionate staff, loyal and satisfied customers, but you somehow crave for more. You find yourself envisioning your business smashing through your annual goals, and taking flight generating revenue streams beyond what you’ve initially aimed for. That’s a great start, since visualizing success is one of the most important tools in the small business owner’s arsenal.

The silly season is upon us with the weather nicely warming up, and you don’t want to miss out. That’s what we’ve been recently approached to do by a bar owner in Brunswick. We were contracted for a brand refresh, but we’ve actually gone a step beyond that for our client, devising a simple inexpensive road map for his business to follow, a map that doesn’t include hiring digital gurus or any of that stuff.

A map that actually gets everyone in the business involved in the process, simply because marketing is an organizational function by definition, where everyone needs to partake to make it happen.

So from that experience, I thought I should let you in on some of this simple plan elements, maybe you or one of your friends could make use of it in a way that helps their bar or cafe.

We’ve come up with 15 easy ways to market your bar, and the following 5 points should get you started on the right path:


  1. #Melbourne, a question of sports
    One great aspect revolving around the warmer months is the fact that people love to take part in national sporting events and public holidays are the perfect time for encouraging people to visit your establishment. Golf, cricket and tennis tend to dominate the sports channels for most of the summer. We live in #Melbourne, a city that prides itself on sporting events as we all well know, and it would be silly if you’re not doing enough in this domain.
    You’ve got your soccer, cricket, tennis, UFC fights (go Conor McGregor), and F1 just to name a few are all coming up fast on the calendar. Maybe plan themed nights according to the sport event coming up. Ever heard of market segmentation?
    Get a simple calendar in place and plan accordingly. Talk to your staff about their personal interests whether it’s sports, fashion or anything else. Get them to hash tag the hell out of these events on social media in a way that’s relevant to your team and business. Empower them to take initiative, and you’ll be surprised with the results
  1. A taste of summer
    Do you have one special drink that instantly conjures carefree summer days? Offering a punchy summer drinks menu that includes beverages like cocktails, mocktails, flavoured ciders and refreshing fresh soft drinks, is a sure-fire means to attract the attention of your customers and get them into the summer spirit.Talk to your bar commander in chief. Explore if you could come up with a planned series of concoctions for special events that are both Tweetable or Instagramable or both. Get everyone in the spirit of things. Excitement is contagious and everyone wants to have a good time at his or her favorite hole in the wall. That way, you don’t just build a community; you also nurture it.
  2. A picture is worth a thousand words
    Engage your visual fans by posting photos of a menu or drink special on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Not only can a photo spark conversation, it can also spark appetites!
    Ask your kitchen staff to get their phones out overtime they’ve created a masterpiece in the kitchen. Instagram it and share the love.
  3. Everybody loves a “Secret”
    It’s all about the drama. Tap into your follower’s inner spy. Leverage their insatiable curiosity. When customers mention a specific hash tag, tweet, of Facebook post, offer a special item at a discounted price that will make everyone around them filled with envy, the word will get out and the floods will follow, ever heard of the heard mentality?This will also help keep your customers checking in on your social channels more often.
  4. Plan ahead
    It won’t come as a surprise to know that the above is actually common sense. However, most fall short when it comes to execution. This should not be entirely a random effort to get the message out. Spontaneity is great, but it’s even better if you have a framework or a content calendar where you and your staff can practice being spontaneous.Map things out for the next 3-6 months. Imagine if you have 10 or 15 staff members, where each of them according to their interests, tweeted or posted an Instagram image once a day? That’s a minimum of 10 social media marketing posts a day. That’s a lot more than most businesses could claim, or marketing agencies could offer you on a small budget.

Don’t wait too long; get cracking.

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