Branding trends – What Tinder can teach your brand

It is such a great time to be alive, and I’m so grateful for it. I look around everyday in pure amazement of the modern day branding trends and how brands are behaving online and offline.


I remember the days in 1994, when I’d cooked and eaten my dinner, while waiting for my modem to connect to the internet; just to log on to a text based chat software called mIRC.

It was how people connected online & online dating was conceived. Things were so basic back then making Tinder seem like a miracle.

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Your Marketing Might Have More Issues than Vogue

I know most of us are struggling through the post holiday detox syndrome now. Wallets dried up, blood stream that has more alcohol than blood, and an expanding waistline begging us to stop. Yet I’ve mustered enough energy to write this quick article on Sunday morning. I thought I should pre-empt the New Year resolution questions about how to perform a marketing audit with no budget. So please continue reading.

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Star Wars Marketers Had the Force on Their Side

I’ve finally made it to the movie theatre this Sunday morning to watch The Force Awakens. Filled with a little boy’s excitement, I couldn’t help but to reflect on this massive franchise’s marketing push. I grew up watching this movie since the day I could spell Yoda, and am a big fan.

But if you’re anything like me, you wouldn’t help but to notice that the hype surrounding this one was different. The movie so far has shattered every box office’s revenue records since records began, setting the bar so high that I feel bad for other movie makers out there.

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4 Marketing Lessons from “The Pursuit of Happiness” Movie

So I was at home last night enjoying a #Melbourne cool breeze with a glass of white wine in hand, and a Netflix selection was only one remote click away. It was one of those nights where I couldn’t make up my mind, so I choose a feel good movie this time around.

“The Pursuit of Happyness” was the winner. A feel good movie by Will Smith about a man faced with great adversities. A true story about a man named Chris. Chris has been through hell and back trying to make a decent living for himself and his family.

You’re probably wondering by now about how this relates to marketing? Continue Reading.

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5 Marketing Tips for Pubs to Drive More Business This Summer

So you’re a proud owner of a trendy bar, cafe or a restaurant. You’ve got amazing passionate staff, loyal and satisfied customers, but you somehow crave for more. You find yourself envisioning your business smashing through your annual goals, and taking flight generating revenue streams beyond what you’ve initially aimed for. That’s a great start, since visualizing success is one of the most important tools in the small business owner’s arsenal.

The silly season is upon us with the weather nicely warming up, and you don’t want to miss out. That’s what we’ve been recently approached to do by a bar owner in Brunswick. We were contracted for a brand refresh, but we’ve actually gone a step beyond that for our client, devising a simple inexpensive road map for his business to follow, a map that doesn’t include hiring digital gurus or any of that stuff.

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5 Big Social Media Marketing Mistakes to avoid

So you’ve finally mustered enough courage, and decided to take the red pill to dive head first into social media marketing, all in an attempt to better your small business lead generation effort. We’ve recently been approached by businesses wanting to do exactly that; jump on the bandwagon just because everyone else is.

As much as we hate to resist such new business, we try to avoid such approach to social media projects. Business owners lacking enough patience to consider some of the following points, end up wasting their money, time and most importantly sabotage their brand equity that was once focused and enjoyed a certain shine.

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7 marketing sins small businesses need to avoid in 2016

The new year is almost here, and as a small business owner or entrepreneur you’ll probably inundate your brain with new resolutions on how to do things better, sell better, market better, be a better team leader. If you’re anything like many of us mere mortals, rest assured you’ll make mistakes, and often fall short. Nothing wrong with that, so don’t stress.

Whether you’re new to business and marketing, or you’ve already been through the trenches, it would probably be easier to steer away from mistakes rather than trying to add new items to your to do list to become better.

Small business owners listen up, you owe it to yourselves to be the second mouse that gets the cheese in 2016, learn from those who’ve been there before you by avoiding the following marketing sins:

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