Why Easy Yoke Marketing is different.

We said it was boring

Our creative team is equipped with a unique skill set. We are storytellers. We will get involved with you from an early stage. This approach inspires the designs making sure your story is told when the project comes to life.

We have extensive experience in property marketing across apartments, medium-density and commercial towers. Most importantly, we’re not a “set and forget” creative agency. We work through all phases of campaigns (not just the launch) – monitoring lead flows, adjusting elements and maximising sell-through tactics.

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Lawan Hotel – Branding & Creative Design
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Our team consists of highly creative collaborative professionals. We are small and smart, function like a family and are always striving to do grade A work. Easy Yoke is a collective of designers, marketing strategists and digital marketing experts, each bringing a unique skill set and morning coffee demand to work everyday.
We offer seamless service and strategically sound, creatively inspiring and drool-worthy designs. Our creative and marketing solutions are driven by stories and ideas that are cost effective yet tells your story.
As a full-service creative & marketing agency, we are ready to listen to you so we can make sure you’re brand is heard.

Our Services Include

Brand Strategy.
Through extensive research, we identify and expose your brand or development to the right market through intelligent, targeted solutions.
We make it our business to keep ahead of market forecasts and trends, and we focus on consumer insights relevant to the project, not across the board.
 Digital Marketing.
We offer an array of digital marketing solutions to best suit your marketing budget.
Our team specialises in:
  • Website design & development
  • CRM marketing strategies
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO & Google AdWords Campaigns

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Advertising & Creative.
Whether it’s identity and brand development or design of marketing brochures, press advertisements, renders, hoardings, display suite collateral and signage.
At Easy Yoke, we are highly skilled and deliver quality work to match your budget

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