Are you a potato, an egg or a coffee bean?

As I celebrate my birthday today, I often find myself thinking about the ups and downs of the year behind me. The year coming to an end always inspired me to behave in such a manner, and forces me to reflect on the lessons, adversities and good times.

Thus I couldn’t resist but to write this article and share my thoughts, maybe it would help you through something, or remind you of what’s important in life or business.

Like yourself, I know being a small business owner comes with it’s own set of challenges, steep learning curves and euphoric times that accompanies small wins.

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5 Reasons women are better business owners and entrepreneurs

Let’s face it my fellow male small business owners, the ladies are rocking the business world, and they do it well, and look good doing it too. Now guys before you start sharpening your knifes and start aiming for me, just bare with me for a bit, and maybe we all could learn a thing or two from our female peers running their small businesses.

Now I’m not exactly what you would call a feminist, nor am I trying to sweet talk the ladies. Am simply writing this article from personal experience, as I’ve recently realised that a decent percentage of my clientele happen to be brilliant smart women running small businesses, who are just inspiring. I’ve learned a lot from them myself.

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7 marketing sins small businesses need to avoid in 2016

The new year is almost here, and as a small business owner or entrepreneur you’ll probably inundate your brain with new resolutions on how to do things better, sell better, market better, be a better team leader. If you’re anything like many of us mere mortals, rest assured you’ll make mistakes, and often fall short. Nothing wrong with that, so don’t stress.

Whether you’re new to business and marketing, or you’ve already been through the trenches, it would probably be easier to steer away from mistakes rather than trying to add new items to your to do list to become better.

Small business owners listen up, you owe it to yourselves to be the second mouse that gets the cheese in 2016, learn from those who’ve been there before you by avoiding the following marketing sins:

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5 Tips for customer experience excellence this Christmas

Over the past few years and since I’ve started Easy Yoke, a company providing marketing and design services, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and helping a fair number of small business owners with their customer experience. I’ve also quickly noticed that many believe that their company’s sole reason for success depends on them providing a great product to their client base. I beg to differ. These budding entrepreneurs have overlooked the fact that they’re in the people business, meaning their success cannot be only contributed to a product based offering, and that a human touch and interaction actually plays a greater role here than the product itself.

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