5 Marketing Tips for Pubs to Drive More Business This Summer

So you’re a proud owner of a trendy bar, cafe or a restaurant. You’ve got amazing passionate staff, loyal and satisfied customers, but you somehow crave for more. You find yourself envisioning your business smashing through your annual goals, and taking flight generating revenue streams beyond what you’ve initially aimed for. That’s a great start, since visualizing success is one of the most important tools in the small business owner’s arsenal.

The silly season is upon us with the weather nicely warming up, and you don’t want to miss out. That’s what we’ve been recently approached to do by a bar owner in Brunswick. We were contracted for a brand refresh, but we’ve actually gone a step beyond that for our client, devising a simple inexpensive road map for his business to follow, a map that doesn’t include hiring digital gurus or any of that stuff.

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