Things To Do When You Feel Like Giving Up

In life, business and relationships, hard times are as common as the air we breathe. Yet, having learned that fact doesn’t make them any easier to handle or deal with.


I consider myself a mentally strong individual, well most of the time at least. I feel like I’m well equipped with enough tools in my emotional bag of tricks to help deter and keep negative thoughts at bay.


Somehow, even with all the tools I might possess, life finds a way to smash me against a brick wall, bringing me down to my knees with an overwhelming sense of powerlessness.


Hard truth is, this is just life. I’ve got hardly any control over what it throws at me. The good news is; I have absolute and utter control over how I respond to it.

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5 Reasons women are better business owners and entrepreneurs

Let’s face it my fellow male small business owners, the ladies are rocking the business world, and they do it well, and look good doing it too. Now guys before you start sharpening your knifes and start aiming for me, just bare with me for a bit, and maybe we all could learn a thing or two from our female peers running their small businesses.

Now I’m not exactly what you would call a feminist, nor am I trying to sweet talk the ladies. Am simply writing this article from personal experience, as I’ve recently realised that a decent percentage of my clientele happen to be brilliant smart women running small businesses, who are just inspiring. I’ve learned a lot from them myself.

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